Value Ethics

I-Serve Systems is a world-class corporation in India which serves by integrating skilled people, tested practices and innovative technology in providing a range of services including Call Centre facilities, Service/Facility Management and Back Office Solutions.

Best Practices

We can provide in-depth customer service support 24 hours a day. We can also dispatch service and technical support personnel according to your escalation protocol. Client databases can be maintained and accessed locally or across the web.

Our best practices can help you increase sales, lower costs, strengthen customer relations and simplify your life. i-Serve... where quality people and innovative technology combine to bring you the best in Call Centre services. Inbound and Outbound Call Centre services, order placing, customer service, class and seminar registration, answering service and web enabled customer support.

Our best practices include:

  • Hiring of highly educated personnel.
  • Extensive training which includes on and off the job training.
  • Detailed description of client programmes and cross culture knowledge.
  • Voice and accent neutralisation training.
  • Competitive and attractive salary packages.