About Us

I-Serve Systems is a world-class corporation in India which serves by integrating skilled people, tested practices and innovative technology in providing a range of services including Call Centre facilities, Service/Facility Management and Back Office Solutions.



With a broad vision in mind, the Directors of Multi-Installations took a leap forward and established a great milestone in the IT enabled service industry within Gujarat. In 2001, after having recognised the need to provide clients with an efficient service with reduced costing, looking to India was the only way forward.


i-Serve maintains a unique system of operations. We are able to achieve a more stringent control of operations as our London office. In just a couple of months of establishment, i-Serve has earned itself unique recognition. With increased expansion, i-Serve is not only a Call Centre but also a complete Back Office Solutions provider.

The Call Centre includes:
  • professional management
  • carefully selected personnel
  • provision of customer satisfaction
  • highly equipped Centre with the latest in innovative technology