I-Serve's Executive Management Team has many years experience in the Contact Centre and consulting industry. As a result, the team can provide added consultative value to our clients contact management strategies. I-Serve can deliver the people, processes, technology, and strategies that allow companies to acquire, service and support customers across all contact channels. In effect, our years of experience allow I-Serve to support our clients with more than just call handling.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

I-serve System's knowledge solutions include customised research and analytics services for Oil & Gas companies worldwide.

By working with I-serve Systems, clients benefit from higher productivity, improved quality, better access to knowledge and information across all parts of the company, and adding new capabilities to their organization. We help them leverage information as an asset.

We help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and significant improvements in the performance of their knowledge processes. We make available to our clients the latest information on assets, corporate valuations, M&A deals, corporate financial performance and operating data. It is used by all large and many smaller companies in the industry to track opportunities, monitor market movements and bench-marking.

Our dedicated team includes Chartered Financial Analysts, Petroleum Engineers and MBAs. The research team provides dedicated on-going as well as ad-hoc support to our clients.

Financial Analytic Services

The financial analyst team provides solutions to its clients by improving their knowledge-based processes, through the provision of up-to-date information on:

  • Equity Financing
    • Equity & debt deals
  • Financial Data
    • Share Price
    • Warrants & options
    • Cost of capital
    • Financial Statements
  • Operating data
    • Production of oil & gas (By type & by region)
    • Hedging of Oil & Gas price (Contracts against production)
    • Reserves summary of oil & gas
    • Production Estimates of oil & gas
    • NPV in terms of revenue
  • Remuneration Matrics
    • Salaries and all compensations given to Directors and Executives.
    • Options and Common shares granted to Directors.
    • Analyzing changes in Market cap, Reserves and NPV per $ paid to Management
    • Managing Directors and Executives appointments and resignations and full role of the organization

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Oil and Gas business is becoming more competitive as new reserves become scarcer, evaluation and development costs soar and new entrants crowd the sector. In order to maintain business growth, capture resources and add value in a very competitive sector many companies regularly engage in mergers and acquisitions.

I-Serve Systems provides up-to-date information to its clients by processing highly valued data from all the different spectrums of the Oil and Gas Industry. We have a dedicated team to analyse the complex web of M&A Data. Our professionals capture deals occurring in the Oil and Gas sector and process the raw data. Processed data helps clients to make better decisions and implement pragmatic solutions for managing and optimizing their competitive position in the resource equation.

Our M&A team provide solutions to its clients by improving their knowledge-based processes, through the provision of up-to-date information on:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Data Analytics
  • Business Improvements

Oil and Gas Asset Management

I-Serve Systems is helping companies manage their database better; by providing full time consultants for asset support solutions covering the Upstream Energy Sector.

Our team of industry experts coordinates with organizations analyzing trends and opportunities in the Oil field sector. This helps to optimise Business Intelligence processes by identifying Key Performance Indicators for Asset Database Maintenance and Asset Performance.

Our Assets team provides solutions to its clients by improving their knowledge-based processes and effective data warehousing through the provision of up-to-date information on:

  • Licence data
    Licence details operator, ownership information, status, key dates, acreage, open blocks, License Commitments.
  • Well data
    Well type, operator, ownership information, spud and completion dates, result, depth data, geological formation, llicence details.
  • Field data
    Field type, operator, ownership information, key dates, block unitisation, reserve data, historic and future production profiles (Guidance Figures), economic indicators.
  • Pipeline data
    Start and end points, hydrocarbon type, diameter, length, key dates, capacity.
  • Platform data
    Platform type, platform function, contractors, accommodation type, water depth, well slot numbers, leg numbers.
  • Company Profile

    Company Overview, Company guidance figures, Company press releases & press coverage, MD&A coverage