About Us

I-Serve Systems is a world-class corporation in India which serves by integrating skilled people, tested practices and innovative technology in providing a range of services including Call Centre facilities, Service/Facility Management and Back Office Solutions.

Management Team

A dedicated Management Team is at the heart of the organisation. i-Serve is a strong believer in professionalism at work. Our management team consists of Operations, Financial, IT and Logistics Administrators. These departments in turn liaise with the respective project leader to ensure a smooth running operation.
In the i-Serve Call Centre, Operations run the production floor. The IT team handles the connectivity on-hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Financial Head manages the funds required for the operations and the Logistics Head organises the infrastructural needs and the entire functioning of the Centre.

i-Serve employs highly qualified people and practices to ensure renewed customer satisfaction in an environment of discipline and professionalism.

Each potential team member goes through a rigorous selection process to confirm that the right skills are effectively matched with our client's requirements.