Web Services

I-Serve Systems is a world-class corporation in India which serves by integrating skilled people, tested practices and innovative technology in providing a range of services including Call Centre facilities, Service/Facility Management and Back Office Solutions.

SEO Services

Our standard e-commerce solution price includes search Engine Friendly Sites; creating web sites that are easily seen and indexed by the search engines.

Although the site will have been built using search engine friendly CSS codes, it is also important that for the purposes of SEO to carefully structure the hierarchy and content elements to improve Search Engine Indexing.

Where a search engine automatically scans the site is called Indexing. The search engine is then able to analyse the pages, therefore the more pages analysed the better the search engine results.

Standard work generally entails

  • W3C Compliancy
  • Textual page links
  • Adding your suggested Meta Tag data to the site
  • Index enable static sitemaps
  • Upload and submit to Google the XML sitemap
  • Google Place listing

By doing the above SEO work should produce relatively good results for users searching for unique product/service names, the company name or other unique content. However please note that this is not a SEO campaign but the first steps for producing good search engine results.

Level 1

In addition to the work carried out in our standard level of SEO we recommend keyword, market and competitor analysis to be undertaken by our SEO partner. The purpose of this is that it will ensure you find and target the best keywords for your business and will be able to see where your competitors are ranking for these and other keywords. This analysis forms the basis for a true SEO inbound link building campaign.

We also recommend an onsite SEO consultation during the site build by our SEO partners. The main aim of this service is to make your site best optimized for specific targeted keywords, URL structures and a XML sitemap and it will complement any link building you may undertake making sure achieve the best possible search engines results. The consultation will also involve a site review with recommendation on changes, necessary codes, SEO instructions and support.

This level of SEO work should achieve good ranking for users searching for products, brands and services.

This would also include building 301 redirects or replicating specific old URL to link into the equivalent page on the new site, as this will continue good search engine ranking.

Level 2

This level is true SEO and should be considered if your growth/marketing plans for your site requires competitive search engine results.

Before starting full SEO to your site we would work with our SEO partner in terms of structure and keywords, then once the site has been prepared up to level 1 as described in above, we then pass it onto Smart Traffic. They will work with you creating an SEO campaign that best suits your requirements including link building, further keywords and key-phrase analysis and SEO copy writing.

Depending on the analysis a typical top level first page position on Google is achievable.