I-Serve Systems is a world-class corporation in India which serves by integrating skilled people, tested practices and innovative technology in providing a range of services including Call Centre facilities, Service/Facility Management and Back Office Solutions.

Work Culture

i-Serve HR Philosophy:

We offer you the opportunity. At i-Serve it is 'you' who is the foundation of our company's success. No wonder then, our main focus is on your professional and career needs and on building a long term working relationship with 'you'.

i-Serve's work culture is:

  • An open and transparent work culture (no strong hierarchies)
  • Empowerment of employees (encouraged to add value to current customer processes/suggest alternatives)
  • Hands-on leadership (functional involvement at all levels)
  • Creating a learning organisation (soft skills, leadership development, career guidance workshops are conducted on a regular basis)
  • Excellence at work place (recognition for performing above the call of duty)
  • Management by participation
  • Encourage issue based debates and discussions

Excerpts from the survey:

  • If any company in this survey seems to have done a good job of meeting employee expectation, it was i-serve Gandhinagar.
  • 100% i-serve respondents said that they would recommend this company to close friends.